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It was a special day for the boys on May 25th 2019 as Daniel Gbede shared the story of his struggles and success with us. Daniel Gbede is a man of many parts, a student of two tertiary institutions, an artist, a motivational speaker and a role model to other youth.

He started with telling his story and sharing some of his achievements with us. Being the last born in the family, struggling through the life of his tertiary education, he is currently pursuing two degrees (at the polytechnic and also the university).

Daniel Gbede quoted “You can achieve whatever you want to achieve as long you can spend your time on it”. He encouraged them to take actions now and not procrastinate. He also talked about developing interest in things, to start by solving little problems in the society.

He then unveiled one of his art works portraying the AGONY OF PEACE; thereby training the boy’s mind with picture to know their purpose in life.

He ended with the quote “Don’t let your background put your back on the ground” get value for your time.