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All over the world, February 14th is known as Valentine’s Day; a day dedicated to the celebration of love. For many, this is a day for romantic ecstasy and passion. But for others, it is a time to share love and fellowship with the less privileged.

This was the thrust of our interactive session at the February edition of our monthly meeting, which held on the10th.

The topic of discussion for the day was “Dating” and the question asked by the moderator- Bro James Chikwelu centered around whether or not youths should engage in dating and pre-marital relationship. It was a joint session for the boys and girls since the subject matter was concerned both groups and could not be treated in isolation.

On hand to talk to the youths were Princess Kofoworola Adegboye and her husband, Prince Ademola Adegboye as well as the chief host, Mrs. Aramide Oikelome.

Question- Is Dating Allowed Amongst Youths?

This proved to be a tough one because of the divergent views of participants. The debate was intense but one of the resolutions we came up with at the end of the day was that although there is no particular age when one can be said to be ripe for dating, there is need for teenagers and young ones to be cautious and wise.

It was an exciting but decisive moment but some of the resolutions reached was that the salient dating is not advisable for youths as it can be a major distraction that will hinder concentration in life and career.

“As a teenager, your future should be your priority. So, set your goals and don’t be hasty”, said Kofo Adegboye.

“ You are an emotional person, never toil with your feelings because you may get wounded and become traumatized. Your attention may become divided and your journey distorted. If you focus and keep yourself upright, you will attract the right person to your life”, advised the Convener, Mrs. Aramide Oikelome.

Prince Demola Adebgboye shared his personal experience of struggle, failure and recklessness as a result of peer pressure which made him waste ten years of his life until God’s mercy rewrote his story and gave him another opportunity to build a better and purposeful life.

The youths also had time to ask questions on issues of love, relationship, education, sex and the likes.

By way of summary, it was established that not all dating leads to marriage; so if you love yourself-

  • You will take the right decision
  • You will plan for your future
  • You will be focused
  • You will be vigilant
  • You will let God guide you
  • You will not trade your destiny for anything
  • You will not give in to peer pressure; knowing that evil communication corrupts good manners.