Our necessary goals and key results are:
  • To provide educational, psycho-social, health and nutritional support to vulnerable children/youths.
  • To provide mentorship and guidance to children, youths (OVC) and care-
    givers in under-developed communities.
  • To provide information and assistance to youths on their reproductive health rights and sexuality education.
  • To promote community health through advocacy, campaigns and awareness on STDs and STIs
  • To protect and defend the rights of every child against all forms of abuse.
  • To safeguard the Girl-child against abuse, amplify her voice and provide a safe space for her to maximize her potentials.
  • To encourage, inspire and nurture the Boy-child to become responsible, noble and successful men.
  • To inspire and support pregnant teens & adolescent mothers to rebuild their lives through education or vocational/entrepreneurship skills.
  • To empower gifted youths through music, dance, drama and visual arts; nurture them and provide the platform to showcase their talents locally and internationally.
  • To empower upward mobile/innovative youths socially and economically through skill acquisition and digital education.
  • To provide alternative education opportunity to young mothers through literacy classes and networking.
  • To support & empower care-givers (widows/single mothers) and adolescent mothers economically to become self-reliant and successful entrepreneurs.