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Theme: The purpose driven Girl-child in the 21st century digital world

On Saturday, June 19, 2021

Aramide Global Girls Arise Initiative under the auspices of Bestspring Children and Youth Development Foundation, is inviting Girls from across the Lagos Province to it’s maiden “AGGAI Girls Conference” 21.

This is an avenue to mark the unique contributions of Aramide Oikelome to the development of the ‘Girl-child’ while on earth.

The conference will take place from 10 am – 2 pm at Living Impact Christian Center, 23, Association Avenue, Ilupeju Lagos

The participants are young women of secondary schools and high institutions age ranging from 13 to 20 years.

Attendance is strictly by registration with strict adherence to the COVID restriction.

However, the conference will be aired on zoom and Facebook.

The girls at the conference will have the opportunity to participate in various panel discussions/workshops and activity sessions which include confidence building, leadership skills, personal and professional growth, and developing stronger minds and bodies. They will also be able to share their ideas and opinions while learning effective strategies for dealing with domestic violence and expressing themselves and new ways to explore making a difference in their communities.

The interactive sessions will give young women the opportunity to tell their stories, share their ideas and advice with each other while pushing boundaries in new areas and having some fun in a gathering that is a safe space for girls to explore new horizons and new challenges.

Register by sending a text message or WhatsApp message with the ” Name of your school/organization, number of young ladies/women you are coming with and the contact person’s phone number ” to 08173137280