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Thanks be to God who daily loads us with His benefits. Yes! He did for us at Bestspring Foundation in spite of the COVID-19 lockdown. When this lockdown was announced about 4 weeks ago, l was concerned for our people at Ijegun – the widows, single mothers and struggling parents. I was burdened for our girls and indeed the children that constitute members of the Bestspring Family. I was concerned about how they would survive, knowing that many of these women are petty traders that depend on daily sales to feed their families. As we prayed, God provided some funds for my husband and he gave me part of it. We transferred stipends to the account of some 22 widows and 3 married women to buy little foodstuff. They were excited but I knew it was not enough.

As we kept praying, He saw our heart-cry for provision for the women & girls on our care-list. In answer to that prayer, He sent help to us through our Partner Bim Adegbite and her group of dynamic friends abroad, who serve as mentors to some of our girls at Bestspring. These ladies are friends in need and indeed; women with a heart of gold. They are true change-makers; they are our TREASURE.

Two weeks ago, l posted a prayer request on the Mentors platform for protection from hoodlums that were ravaging Ijegun and other parts of Lagos and Ogun State (a.k.a the 1 million boys) and harassing the people. Some of our girls had called me to express their fears, especially after hearing that in some areas where they raided, these boys raped and molested women and girls. That night I could not sleep. But I prayed and also posted same request to several platforms.
This generated lots of discussions about the safety and wellness of the girls on the Mentors’ platform as they sought ways to allay their fears and also provide for their immediate needs. One of their resolutions was to initiate a food drive to help fight hunger. And so they started donating money.
With that donation we bought bags of rice, beans, garri, semovita, tomato puree, noddles and maggi. I remember one of the single mothers calling last week. She said to me “Please ma, we are dying here. There is nothing to feed my children. Please help. Even if its N1,000 just send. I can’t go out to work and we are dying of starvation.” Truly there is acute hunger in the land.
But with the support of these amazing partners, this week we were able to give palliative package. When the first items finished we received more money and bought more. In all we were able to give relief package to about 100 families, most of who are the women and girls of Bestspring. The boys and children in the neighborhood that came to the distribution centre were not left out. Of course, we did it in two batches (Tuesday & Thursday), bearing in mind the need for social distancing.
Since this was none l have been receiving phone calls with torrent of prayers and appreciation from the beneficiaries, young and old. And l’m transferring those prayers to the great women that initiated and donated towards this food drive.
One of the widows said her teenage daughter has been sick. They came back from the hospital with no food at home to eat. And suddenly, she got a call from us that there was foodstuff for her at our centre the next day. Some of our girls said they even had to give their package to other neighbours who had nothing at all to eat. I am very glad we were able to help.
Words are inadequate to thank our Amazons- Bim Adegbite, Busola, Lolade, Dionne, Linda, Rukayat, Olubunmi, Kofo, Bukky, Sumbo, Kira, Sade, Abiola, Olamide, Adeteju, BeBe, Adefunke.

Many thanks Ngozi Olubunmi-Ogunode- You mobilized support from your friend for us. Thanks a million my Reverend Richard Udoh , my Pastor Godwin Etti, my Sister Elizabeth Etti, Sis Foluso Adedeji, Elder Ayenimelo Oludare, Arch Sunday Kuti, Samuel Oludele, Sunday Adeboye, and many other friends who believe in us and supported us at the orphanage. Special thanks to my handsome brother and destiny helper- Dr. Dapo Ayeni Jnr. Thanks for always being there for us and Congratulations on your wedding.
Profound gratitude to our able Board members for their unflinching support, giving and prayers!
Thank you for giving to the Lord. Thank you for giving to His people, even at this critical time of global distress. Your children are deeply touched; not just because you provided food for them and their families but much more because of your genuine love and care. Lives have been changed by your deed of kindness. And you can be sure that God will not forget this. I’m sure He will pay you back in full! THANK YOU!
Kudos to our ever- ready and dutiful staff, Motola Bisuga Jesusina for taking the pains to purchase the foodstuff and getting people to repackage. I equally appreciate our community volunteers that helped with the distribution.
As God did for Bestspring Foundation, He also did for us at Goshen Home & Orphanage! He sent help to us and the children in spite of the lockdown.
God is truly awesome in all his ways! He is indeed the Way-Maker!