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Our monthly mentoring program for May 2019 can best be described as a historic event. For many reasons, it turned out as an unforgettable one. For the first time in many years, our hall was filled beyond capacity. The youths came in droves. For the first time also, we had a youth talk to youths; a youth with a compelling story that they all could identify with: the story of pain, struggle and hopelessness. But it didn’t end there. It was also the story of determination, doggedness, hardwork, courage, victory and triumph.

It is the story of Vincent Adeoba Oluwadamilola, an orphan from a very poor background who defied all odds to acquire good education. According to him, “Education is the only passport to greatness”. Of course he didn’t stop there; he is today an accountant with PwC.

PricewaterhouseCoopers is a multinational professional services network with headquarters in London, United Kingdom. PwC ranks as the second largest professional services firm in the world and is one of the Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, EY and KPMG.

Besides, he is a youth leader, educationist, entrepreneur, digital education consultant and trainer. He is the CEO of Seravision Brooks Business Solutions, a digital education consultancy and ICT firm which has conducted trainings for teachers and students across the country. His company’s trainings are considered effective because they are results oriented and has helped many schools and businesses to maximize their potential.

He is the founder and president of Sera Schools Initiative, an NGO committed to solving the problems facing the Nigerian education sector. He is also the curator of SeraTalks Conference, Africa’s first and biggest talks conference on indigenous ideas, innovations and technologies.

Vincent Adeoba is moving at a fast pace in becoming one of Nigeria’s most celebrated writers and motivational speakers with the success of his books.

Find below his story as reported by Chiamaka Ezeigbo:

Mr. Vincent Adeoba is an Accountant who graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife, Osun State. He spoke on a topic, ‘There is a champion in me”. He said being a champion doesn’t mean you are beautiful or handsome. It doesn’t mean you are coming from a rich background but having great dreams of being one. He gave three principles of being a champion which are – Principle of Vision, Principle of Hardwork and Principle of Time. He shared his story with the congregation.

Mr. Vincent Adeoba was born in Ire-Ekiti in Ekiti State. He grew up with his mom and siblings but didn’t know his dad as he died when he was very young. He boasted of his mom; calling her an amazing woman who did all her possible best to cater for herself and 7 children. He went on saying that despite how poor they were, his mom didn’t give up in taking care of her children. While they were trying to survive, his mom fell terribly sick, a sickness which took her life. He went on saying that after his mom’s death, life became very hard for him and his siblings.

He went on sharing how he suffered when a twenty year old Aunty Morenike took him and his younger sister, Gbemi to Irowo in Akure. She wasn’t living comfortably also but she tried her best to cater for herself and the two children by hawking beans which is locally called Ewa-wewe in Akure. Sister Morenike had no money to send them to school but she enrolled the two children in a lesson (a very local lesson). Months went by and sister Morenike became very distressed and depressed; she decided to take her life but changed her mind by running away and leaving a six year old and his younger sister all by themselves. For two days Vincent and his younger sister waited for Sister Morenike but when they couldn’t find her, they went into the street to beg for food and money. Neighbours decided to reach out to his family. His mom sister carried him and his sister to stay with her family.

He said he stayed with her family for a year, a year of pain, of hunger, of starvation and of torture. He couldn’t bear it anymore so he decided to run away. He found out that Sister Morenike was back so he went to stay with her. Staying with sister Morenike wasn’t easy at all, they had to survive by selling all kinds of item like garri, pepper, okro etc.

In 2003, he went saying that a man came to pick/take him to stay with him in Ogun state where he went to a better school. He was enrolled to a school but he was a dullard. When he got to primary 5, a teacher told him that if he wasn’t serious with his studies he will never be great in life.  He said that person told him a word he will never forget, the person told him that Education is the only passport to his greatness. He heeded to that person’s advice and he became very serious with his studies. When he got to Primary 6, he was representing his class and school in different quiz competition. He went on saying that with the help of God, he passed through his primary, secondary education then got into the university where he studied Accountancy.

Today, Mr. Vincent Adeoba is an Author of Four books, one majorly known as “Maximize your potential for academic excellence”. He concluded by saying “if great men and women can do it, I too can. There is never an excuse for failure.