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Miracles are real! Yes they are! I just experienced one. Four days to our End-Year party for the vulnerable groups (Children, Girls/Boys and Widows) that we serve in Ijegun, we barely had anything to give them. We had written letters to several corporate organizations for sponsorship but the response was negative. Their reason was the same- economic recession. It was as if we would go to Ijegun empty-handed on the set date: Saturday 22nd December. Out of many that we contacted, only UAC Foods and Daily Need Pharmaceuticals could afford to support us with some cartons of Gala, Cup-Cakes and Ice-Lolly as well as medications for children.

But God came through for us again and again. He surprised us with 11th hour miracle. Within 48 hours calls came in from several quarters. And guess what? It was from friends, family, well-wishers and good Samaritans, calling for us to come and pick bags of rice, noddles, fabrics, drinks, biscuits, cereals, medication amongst others.

And so, Saturday came and it was indeed a joyous occasion. The vulnerable children, the smart and courageous girls, the upcoming champions (boys) and the joyful widows were super excited for the manifold blessings of God in the cause of the year. 2018 was stormy; but God’s overruling hand saw us through and made us victorious. It was indeed an emotional moment for some of the widows; there were tears of joy and gratitude. Some of our girls also testified to gaining admission into the university after such a long wait.

Of course they were super thrilled to receive the variety of gifts we brought for them as well. At the end of the day, over 250 people went home with assorted gifts- 50 women, 12 adolescent mothers, 75 girls, 35 boys, 67 children and 25 community supporters/well-wishers.

One of our new volunteers (Roseline) who came for the first time later sent me this message on whatsapp:
Good morning Mom! I seriously appreciate you for allowing God to use you to wipe tears away from the eyes of all those people I saw yesterday. I was so overwhelmed with joy. I have never seen such a thing before in my life: such love, such patience, such grace… I’m glad that I’m now a part of this move. I want God to use me too.
Those young girls that you have mentored are strong, courageous, understanding, organized, respectful. I have never seen young people so organized like that.
God bless you Mom! Keep up the good work!

What more can I say! I am eternally grateful to all those that gave in cash and kind to make the program a success. Special thanks to all who responded to my husband’s Macedonian call and sent their widows mite. I am grateful to our staff and volunteers that prayed and worked tirelessly to ensure all went well! To our amiable girls who planned and chaired the event, I am super proud of you!

There is no denying it- God proved to us that He is the owner of the work! Way-Maker, Miracle-Worker, Promise-Keeper, Light in the Darkness! I return all the glory to you! You deserve it all!