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The Ijegun Community remain a major focus the developmental works of Bestspring Foundation. The recommencement of the monthly meeting with the widows and girls took place on 8th May 2021.

The passion for the journey was reiterated with great honour to the late founder, Mummy Aramide Oikelome. The widows and girls were enlightened on the present security situation of the country. The were educated on  security tips and measures that is necessary at the moment.

Dr. Albert addressed the widows and girls and disclosed the upcoming program that will serve as a resource center. He emphasized on widows empowerment and an art center for music, dance, craft etc. for the girls.

However, an annual Gist Conference comes up 19 June 2021 at llupeju. The program will serve as an award program to mark the unique contributions of the Late Matron, Mrs. Oikelome to the development of the girl child.