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It was a grand occasion on June 12th when the Nigeria Chaplaincy, This is a body of professional Christians whose aim is to spread the gospel of Christ to those in school, hospital, prison, orphanages and to the society. Their members cut across different professionals such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, pastors etc.

In his opening remarks, the national administrator of the Nigeria chaplaincy said that apart from spreading the word,they also have a group that teaches people how to learn a trade so they can become bosses of their own.

Pastor Taiwo Akinwale shared the word of God titled – “The compassionate Jesus”. He spoke about the blind man in the Bible who heard that Jesus was around where he was. Despite his condition he cried out saying”Jesus , son of David,have mercy on me” and at that moment he was made whole.

Pastor Akinwale called Jesus the Saviour, the Sustainer, the Supplier of all needs and our Strength.

He rounded up saying that a life without Jesus is lost and hopeless.

The next speaker was the chaplain general Mr Chukwuemeka Okafor JP. He said that Bestspring Foundation is not just an ordinary foundation but a foundation with a big vision.A foundation with a great Vision that has a mission to make our generation excel in our nation.

He encouraged us to believe and have self confidence in ourselves because with that we would go far in life.

He blessed Mummy Aramide and told her that the Nigeria chaplaincy would partner with the Bestspring Foundation. He rounded up saying that “Education is a vision for the strength of our nation”.

The last speaker was Mr Olupede a member of the Nigeria chaplaincy. He gave thanks to God concerning His good work towards the foundation; he anchored the prayers held for the workers and board members of Bestspring Foundation

The team also came with many gifts and with blessings which put smile on many faces…..

The gifts were all distributed to the participants; comprising of youths, women, widows and adolescent mothers, including children.

The hall was filled beyond capacity, with over 250 people in attendance.