Boys & Champions Club

Boys & Champions Club is another mentoring project of Bestspring Foundation geared towards inspiring young boys and teenage men to stay through school and acquire basic education, even as they jettison hooliganism and embrace integrity, hard work, diligence and resilience in the face of daunting challenges, hardship and temptation to be wayward, follow the bandwagon of yahoo boys, human traffickers and other negative influencers in the community.

Ijegun, where we work is filled with many streetwise and disenchanted youths, with no sense of direction or hope. Unfortunately, the community has nothing good to offer them; neither do they have viable role models to guide them.

As the number of out-of-school boys keeps increasing, so also do social vices such as cybercrime/internet fraud, stealing, drug abuse, hooliganism, rape and abuse of vulnerable girls, etc. This calls for an urgent need to give utmost attention to the young boys all around us.

Boys & Champions Club seeks to educate the boys about the amazing potentials and strength that lies within them and also guide them on how to channel their energy in the right direction. We believe there is a King in every boy; all that is required is for him to have good mentors and role models that can help to identify and nurture him to greatness.