Girls Arise Initiative

As part of efforts to protect and promote the rights of the girl-child, Girls Arise Initiative was birthed in May 2016 as a mentoring program geared towards safeguarding the girl-child against all forms of abuse (rape, trafficking, child marriage, etc) through sensitization, awareness campaign, advocacy, interactive and informative talk shows, talent hunt, vocational training, psycho-social support, digital empowerment and more importantly one on one mentoring as we pair our girls with adult friends to guide them through their journey.

The project is geared towards helping them find their voice and giving them the platform to rise above the limitation imposed on them by society. It is also meant to encourage them to jettison mediocrity, aspire for greatness, endure hardship, surmount obstacles, and achieve the seemingly impossible. It is to raise awareness/caution on the issue of rape, teenage pregnancy, and emergency motherhood. Through this medium, we equally give financial/scholastic support to girls in secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

Girls Arise Initiative, therefore, provides a safe space for the girl-child to be informed and inspired to stand tall in the face of daunting challenges that make her vulnerable or mitigate against the actualization of her dream. Through this platform, we amplify girls’ voices against abuse, injustice and inequality.

This is a sure platform that seeks to empower the girl-child with the necessary education and life skills to enable her to maximize their potentials and defend her rights. Over the years, some of them have connected and harnessed life-changing academic opportunities and scholarship programs/conferences both within and outside Nigeria. The girls club started with 12 girls in 2016 but we now have over 100 girls in the group; with 70% still in secondary school. About 24% are out of secondary school and working while 6% have gone ahead to pursue higher education in tertiary institutions. This, for us, is a great feat; considering that most girls in Ijegun do not wait to complete secondary school education and hardly seek admission into tertiary institutions. But with the mentorship program, support and sensitization over the years, we have been able to raise a new crop of girls in Ijegun: girls with a changed mindset; girls that are focused and determined to succeed in spite of all odds; girls with an amplified voice to speak up; girls that are ready to change the narratives as positive influencers. Many of our girls have also been empowered with vocational skills through our Girls Got Talent program and are earning income through it.

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