Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) Club

Considering that these are formative years for children, the club supports OVCs of ages 3-10 years through this platform. Here we lay a solid foundation by teaching values and principles necessary for their academic, social, health and nutritional development. Unfortunately, many of these children are from dysfunctional families, hence they are already damaged and in need of healing. So, through this platform we provide love, care and support. 

In addition, we sensitize them on social vices such as child molestation, abuse, rape, exam malpractices etc (which is very rampant in their environment) and educate them on the need for them to fight against such vices and speak out whenever they sense danger around them.

Through the club, we provide educational support via donation of text books, school bags, lunch bags, home lesson and other scholarly materials. We also do occasional home/school visits to check on the welfare of the children.