The Art Center

Music, Dance, Drama and the visual Arts have become a tool for economic empowerment and communal cohesion within the community. Interestingly, some of the best musicians in Nigeria today were raised in the slums. Their journey, though rough and tough has brought them to such pedestal where they now use music and dance as an effective means of economic empowerment and cultural rejuvenation. This is what Bestspring seeks to achieve through the Art Center.

The Art Center is geared towards developing the innate talents of young people in Ijegun community. Our major objective is to create a program that is designed to move the young people away from violence, hurts, criminality and mental disorders. We believe that youths should be encouraged to channel their energy and talent in productive activities through music, dance, drama and the visual arts. The discipline that comes with the music and the desire to work as a team creates a sense of responsibility and bonding among the young people.

So, as part of efforts in scaling up our impact through creative initiatives amongst Ijegun youths, Bestspring uses Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Arts to identify and nurture grassroots Stars. After auditioning, selected youths are taught and nurtured by veterans and experts in the field of arts and the academic community like University of Lagos, Mountain Top University etc.