Posted on September 17, 2019 · Posted in Mentorship

On August 17th we were visited by the migrant project team. This is an organization that helps salvage those that are desperate to travel abroad and oftentimes do so illegally. They enlighten such people on the risks involved and educate them on how to travel legally without getting into trouble.

The program also featured the ceremony of one of our girls who won a scholarship and travelled to Kenya for the Yale Young Scholars Program. Opeyemi Adeyemo shared her experience with the house and spoke on the power of purposeful living.

Our Lead Volunteer/Executive Director, Bestspring Foundation- Mrs. Aramide Oikelome also encouraged our youths to be focused and purposeful in preparing for a bright and glorious future.

Ruth Okoirhon, Migration Counsellow, spoke on reasons why people are desperate to leave Nigeria. She identified some PUSH factors such as poverty, bad government, joblessness etc as some of the reasons. Her partners- Nneka Okonkoh and Olusoji Ajao, also advised on the need to say ‘No’ to human trafficking and prostitution.

The lecture came as a wake-up call and enlightenment for our youths on issues surrounding migration. We also gave them help lines that they can call for more guidance and counseling on issues of traveling or others. The youths also had the opportunity to ask burning questions on issues of migration and living abroad.