Posted on April 27, 2020 · Posted in Mentorship

So much has been going on with the Blended Learning Program of the Global Girl Project which started on 1st February 2020. We have had seven sessions so far as our girls have met every Saturday from 8am to 10am to learn and articulate their thoughts on what action they can take as Change-Makers in their community.

At each session, the girls watch recorded videos lectures from Julia Lynch, Founder- Global Girl Project; they work in groups to discuss the topics and then do their assignments. They also share their thoughts on happenings around them, especially as it relates to Nigeria.

The lectures from the blended learning academy have been quite robust and engaging. They have also been highly instructive and impactful, thus changing the mindset of the girls. Between February 1st to March 21st,,  we have had eight fully loaded and exciting sessions where we treated topics such as:

  1. Who Is A Leader
  2. Roles of Leaders
  3. Women who have made impact and changes within their community
  4. Mastering the Act of Listening, Speaking & Writing.
  5. Online Research on a Movements in Nigeria e.g. Occupy Nigeria
  6. Knowing your Environment and all that it entails, asking parents, leaders all around  and brainstorming on the Project of Change they intend to work on.

The 7th session, which was the last before the lockdown focused on our *Community Project* and a date was fixed for this

Topic- Environmental Sanitation & Waste Management.

Proposed date originally slated was Saturday 9th May 2020 but due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, it has been moved tentatively to June.

It is expected to be a three-hours walk and sensitization campaign round Ijegun. For this our girls intend to invite Parents, Friends, Teachers, Community Leaders, Officials from LAWMA, Police, Red Cross, Girls Guide, Doctors  & Nurses, Market Women etc. and in fact residents of the community. We are rooting for 200 youths & 50 adults.

Hopefully, the total  number of participants expected is 250. That is if there is a lift on social distancing and large gatherings!

For this to happen we need the following: waste basket, waste nylons, waste drums, face caps,  nose masks, hand gloves, banners, fliers, waste pickers, sanitizers, soaps etc. We also need t-shirts. food and drinks, water, music band,  ambulance, buses, snacks, hand-fans, customized souvenirs and cash for mobilizations. We need sponsorship and support both from individuals and corporate organizations that are passionate about environmental sanitation and turning waste to wealth.

We trust that the WALK will impact the community positively and bring about transformation, especially in the area of environmental sanitation and waste management.