Posted on May 1, 2020 · Posted in Mentorship

Towards the end of January 2020, we had a three-days IMAGINE Empowerment Workshop for our women, using the modules of the US-based Empowerment Institute. The turnout was impressive, although it would have been more exciting to have more women learn the principles of creating the life they have always wanted to life, despite the challenges they are faced with one day to day basis.

Touching on the need to shift from Pathology to Vision, to creating a Growing Edge, to Embracing the Principles of Growth such as taking responsibility, having proper self esteem, having the right support system to Flowing with Change, to Trust in the Universe we managed to steer the wheel of self discovery, passion and determination to do something meaningful with their lives by being economically empowered so they don’t have to wait for freebees from friends or even Bestspring or stand as liability to us .

Another exciting outcome of the three-days training was the resolution to start a cooperative account where the women can save proceeds from their businesses till the end of the year. Bestspring Foundation promised to support those that are dutiful and dedicated to raising good capital through the monthly cooperative savings.

Shortly after the workshop, some of the participants indicated interest to acquire vocational skills and we immediately got our community volunteer and trainer, Mary Abiakam set things in motion.

Wow! The vocational training turned out to be thoroughly exciting and engaging for the women, considering that some of them have been staying at home for years, with no meaningful job or means of livelihood. We were particularly thrilled by their commitment to change.

Some of the trainees even went ahead to advertise their products in their churches and neighbourhood. This is a great feat for us! Our women are gaining power already! Now they can make turban caps, hats and fascniators! Some are already selling their products too! We are hopeful that they will get grants to establish their businesses. We are excited and they are too!