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This was the subject of debate at the March edition of our monthly Youth Mentoring Program. It was the first time we got the youths to debate on such sensitive topic. It was quite thrilling and mind blowing, watching the seemingly unexposed youths from under-resourced communities like Ijegun, Ijeododo, Abaranje, Oke-Orube and Kudebu reel out pungent argument for and against the motion.

Speakers for the motion were Tracy, Basirat and Blossom while those against the motion were Christiana, Khadijat and Deborah.

The team in support of the motion argued that
1. Education helps to improve the standard of living.

2. Education can help us to grow in entrepreneurial skills.
3. Education is the tool to change the world as stated by “Nelson Mandela

4. Education is a must for every child for our nation to develop and progress
Those against the motion noted that
1. Entrepreneurship means starting or running a business.
2. Entrepreneurship reduces poverty
3. Entrepreneurship enhances infrastructural development
4. Entrepreneurship is the gateway to national growth.

They also sighted the example of Chief Mike Adenuga who started as a bus driver and later went into business and today he is a multimillion entrepreneur.

In addition, they noted that entrepreneurship boosts our national income and economy at large while those in support of the motion said without education there won’t be any foreign exchange in the first place as there will be poor management.

In the words of Tracy Ohovwere, one of the chief speakers, “Education changes our etiquettes, gives employmen
t opportunities, aids resp
ect in the society and, makes one aware of how to 

manage money. Education is a process of increasing your knowledge. Education brings recognition and honour.”

“Entrepreneurs’ attribute are determination and hard-work. Aliko Dangote a highly respected man known across Africa. Entrepreneurship is the capacity to develop and manage a business. Entrepreneurship is very cheap. Unlike education which is expensive, entrepreneurship is the bedrock of the nation”, said Deborah Matthew.

In summary, the judges explained that Education and Entrepreneurship are like the two legs on which we stand and both are essentials for all round success in today’s world. All the speakers went home with prizes, even as the audience was encouraged to focus on their education and also acquire some skills alongside.