In July we focused on the subject of Mentorship. The program also afforded us the opportunity of having notable mentors such as Vincent Adeoba, Daniel Gbede, Temitope Adetola, Omotola Jesusina and others; all giving their perception of why one needs a mentor. The Convener & Lead Volunteer, Aunty Aramide Oikelome also explained that a mentor is not an ATM machine, a Nanny or a Dictator but a senior friend, guide and supporter. She stressed the need for every youth to have a mentor. 

Many reasons were highlighted by Mr. Adeoba on why youths need a mentor.  He said “A mentor is someone who is a wise and trusted counselor” and that mentorship is a win-win situation. In the course of his speech, a boy was given scholarship.  Mr Adeoba promised to pay 50% of the boy’s school fees.

The meeting also featured the graduation ceremony of our skill acquisition program where 16 girls were empowered with skills such as bead making, hats/fascinators training, rag mat training etc. Products were also sold to participants at the event.

The youths were divided into smaller groups and each group was assigned to a mentor. We had about 12 mentor volunteers present at the event.